By Luke Walladge
the Spectator Australia 

Don’t tell the Greens, but I’ve gone to Israel. After possibly the best midnight flight to Jerusalem since Mohammed’s horse identified as volucrine, I’ve spent the last week in the Holy Land on a political tour the likes of which would keep Bob Carr (if he’s still alive and not the subject of a real-time version of ‘Weekend at Bernie’s 3’) awake with fright for days on end.

The tour, organised by International Political Seminars.... 

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By Joshua Koonin 
the Times of Israel 

Political travel is a new phenomenon generally involving young people who have grown up in the age of the 24-hour news cycle. Driven by an interest in international affairs, they seek out destinations to learn about the political challenges they face. Unlike “activist tourists” they come to learn and are willing to listen. In Israel there is growing market, but because Israelis either turn a blind eye or wrongly conflate political travellers with trouble making activists, almost all providers convey a decidedly anti-Israel narrative.

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the Jerusalem Post

A delegation of legislators and political advisors from Australia toured the Gaza perimeter to learn first-hand about life on the border and to hear about different projects promoted by KKL-JNF for the benefit of frontline residents. They were joined by representatives from the USA and the UK. 

“Our aim is to become acquainted with life in Israel as it really is, not as it is depicted in the news,” said Josh Koonin from Sydney, the leader of the group, who had initiated the trip to Israel. The delegation is traveling all over Israel for ten days and, according to Koonin, the tour of the Gaza perimeter is an important part of their itinerary, so that they can truly understand the reality there.

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